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Specializing in make-up for professional photography will make all the difference in the quality of your pictures. Even 'natural looking' make up for sessions such as senior pictures, should be applied professionally and to work with certain types of lighting. Booking boudoirs or glamour photography sessions definitely requires the eye of a detailed, creative, and experienced professional. Bridal portraits, engagement sessions, commercial/editorial projects, maternity photographs, fantasy/costume make-up and even modeling portfolio work are all the types of categories I have catered to. Some of these photography moments are also pictures that are capturing important life memories, so that is why as generations look back on these moments, you want to look your absolute best.

Make-up needs to appear effortless, yet enhance certain features for the camera. Make-up intensity also definitely needs to be 'more' for the flash. The lens of a camera is like a magnifying glass and can call attention to flaws and uneven skin tone more so than normal. Professional make-up is absolutely pertinent for glamour/fashion/boudoir photography, and is an art that not just anyone can achieve. The Jane Iredale makeup I use gives flawless natural to red carpet quality results. It is also perfect for the HD quality finish needed for HD TV/broadcast production work.

Prices vary depending on session or project. Work with production companies includes full day or half day rates.

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