Jane Iredale

A collage of product images of Jane Iredale Makeup.  Left to right is lipstick, mascara, and foundation.

Jane Iredale Makeup

Jane Iredale makeup is the purest form of mineral makeup you can wear. It truly is beauty with brilliance. The best makeup you can wear is healthy skin and I have watched the transformations with problem skin and lives change from this amazing makeup for almost a decade. The highly water resistant makeup is a physical sunscreen endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and is free of fillers, dyes, and harsh chemicals found in most of cosmetic industry. Allowing the skin to breath and function normally, Jane Iredale wears smooth and flawless, and is perfect for professional photography and long wear. The line has an array of amazing foundation formulas, gorgeous eyeshadows, luscious lips, and fantastic bronzers to choose from. The shade range for varying skin tones is also versatile and will give a perfect match to those who have struggled with finding the right match. Love the skin your in and make a change.

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