Editorial Makeup & Styling

  • Female model with blue eyes wearing a floral headpiece sitting on the ground and resting her head on her legs.
  • Young female model with blue eyes looking at camera.
  • Female model wearing dramatic floral headpiece and veil.
  • Female Model wearing floral headpiece resting her head on her legs while sitting on the floor.
  • Female model wearing floral headpiece and white veil.
  • Young female model wearing dramatic headpiece with flowers and wheat.
  • Female model looking at camera with arms crossed.  She is wearing a large floral necklace and has long curly hair.
  • Female model standing and looking at camera wearing a long white veil and floral headpiece.
  • Female model looking away from camera wearing white veil and dramatic floral headpiece.

Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography fashion photo shoot with model Adrienne Grey. Hair, makeup, and styling by Ashlee Rice MUA. Images used for art featured in museums, modeling portfolio, and fashion blog.

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